How to apply for the Zhengzhou University President Scholarship.

Zhengzhou University is accepting President’s Scholarship applications for the September 2023 intake. Zhengzhou University President Scholarship for Postgraduate Students to pursue a degree, particularly a doctorate, at Zhengzhou University The scholarship has a duration of 4 years.

Zhengzhou University, colloquially known as Zhèngdà in Chinese, is a public university in Zhengzhou, Henan, People’s Republic of China. Zhengzhou University has more students than any other university in China. At 433 hectares, the campus is the tenth-largest in China.

Details regarding scholarships from Zhengzhou University’s president

University Zhengzhou University
Country China
Study Level Ph.D. Degree
Deadline 15 June 2023


It shouldn’t take more than four years to finish a degree.

Degree programmes and Ph.D. scholarship programmes

For all Ph.D. courses, both Mandarin and English are accepted languages of instruction.

What Courses Are Offered at Zhengzhou University?( Click Here)

Higher Education Grants

Program Tuition Accommodation Stipend
Doctor Full tuition CNY 1000/month CNY 3,500/month

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Presidential Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • Everyone who is interested must be in good health and have a nationality other than China.
  • You must be enrolled at a school outside of China or a recent graduate of a Chinese institution to be eligible for this award.
  • Obey all ZZU guidelines and all governing legislation in the People’s Republic of China;
  • Outstanding academic success.
  • Strong research abilities are a requirement for candidates.
  • Candidates receiving doctoral degrees must be under 40 and have an outstanding academic record in a master’s program (or higher; for
  • Pakistani candidates, this would be an 18-year master’s);

Required Language Proficiency:

  • For courses taught in Mandarin, a report of HSK4 or above (score: 210 or above, valid for two years) and an English proficiency certificate are needed.
  • A recent (within the last two years) IELTS or TOEFL score of 5.5 or higher, a comparable TOEFL score, or an English proficiency certificate from a previous educational institution are requirements for courses taught in English.

Appendices for Resources

The following documents are required :

  1. Degree and Academic History (must be attested by a notary public)
  2. Size of a Passport’s Photographic Image from a Passport Scan
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. Research proposal, statement of purpose, or personalized study schedule
    confirmation of language proficiency
  5. A photocopy (or alternative) of any further supporting papers, as well as an acceptance letter for the Foreigner Medical Examination Form (Optional).

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The procedure for applying for scholarships

Visit the webpage at the URL mentioned below to apply for this award, or view the scholarship’s official announcement.

There is no application cost and no need for paper copies, so please be aware of that.

Step 1:

Together with the online application, kindly send the aforementioned items.

Step 2:

International students should go to to submit an online application. access the “ZZU Online Application System for International Students” by logging in.

Step 3:

Watch how things turn out.


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