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All Qualified Overseas Students who wish to study in Turkey are eligible to apply for the MEDIT and ACI Ph.D. Scholarship Programs 2023. International students applying to Master’s Degree Programs are encouraged to apply for Fully Funded Scholarships.

Students from all around the world can apply for scholarships, internships, and fellowships offered by the Turkish Government. One of these important awards is the MEDITlyACI Ph.D. Scholarship Program in Turkey for 2023. We invite any qualified Turkish students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. to submit an application. For the 2023–2024 school year, students can apply for one of many funded Turkey Scholarships. The Ibn Haldun University, Turkey, Doctoral Program in Civilization Studies welcomes students from all around the world. The institution will provide tuition and living allowance scholarships to international students.

Istanbul is Home to Ibn Haldun University (IHU). The Turkey Youth and Education Services Foundation (TÜRGEV Foundation) established it. In December 2019, IHU launched a four-year initiative to learn more about Al-Tirmidhi’s writings. In 1996, Istanbul, Turkey, became home to what would become Ibn Haldun University. The university attracts a diverse international student body. A top-notch education is on offer to those who enroll at this school. Here Are All The Specifics For The MEDIT and ACI Ph.D. Scholarship Programs in Turkey for 2023:

Outline of All MEDIT/ACI Ph.D. Scholarships in Turkey for 2023:

  • Offered Degrees: Ph.D. Programs
  • Host Organization: Ibn Haldun University
  • Scholarship Award: Funded
  • Host Country: Turkey
  • Application Last Date: 21st May 2023

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Aid to Students in Need of Scholarships:

  • The tuition fee for a full-time student in the four-year Civilization Studies Ph.D. program is $12,000 USD.
  • All students are admitted into the tuition fee with various funding options.
    • Tuition fees will be waived for successful applicants, as well as positions as Research students who achieve the highest levels of academic performance and linguistic skills will get a monthly stipend ranging from 3500 to 4200 TL.
  • Scholarships cover not just the four years of the doctoral program, but also the preparatory year spent learning Turkish and Arabic.
  • Nine months out of the year, funding is available in the form of scholarships.
  • The Summer Scholarship is available to students who are married and/or have completed all required exams for their doctoral program. They will receive payment for the full calendar year.
  • Both the Scholarship and the Assistant Scholarship are annually renewable.
  • Scholarships can be reviewed and taken away by the Education Evaluation Committee if the recipient is performing poorly academically.

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Essentials for Your Application:

  • Doctoral scholarships at Ibn Haldun University are available to applicants from all over the world.
  • The doctoral program in Civilization Studies at Ibn Haldun University is now accepting applications.
  • Students applying must have demonstrated academic success.

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Legal Paperwork:

  • The Ultimate Degree Certificate Travel Document for Overseas College Graduates.
  • Concise curriculum vitae/resume.
  • Recently taken photo that is passport size.
  • Letter of Intent or Invitation
  • Proposal for Medical Research Report
  • Legal Documentation of Citizenship (Passport, Driver’s License)
  • Optional Language Verification
  • Procedure for Research
  • Proposals of Service.
  • A medical release form.

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Note: Please be aware that we can only process papers in Turkish, Arabic, German, English, and French at this time. It is necessary to translate texts into languages other than English and Turkish. (At the time of registration, you’ll need to bring both the original and a certified Turkish translation.)

Deadline for Applications:

Turkey’s MEDIT and ACI Ph.D. Scholarship Programs online application deadline is May 21, 2023.

Instructions for Applying to Turkey’s MEDIT and ACI Doctoral Scholarship Programs in 2023:

Applying for the MEDIT / ACI Scholarships at Ibn Haldun University, Turkey, for the 2023-24 academic year is done entirely online.

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