Erasmus University Ph.D Schoalrship Program In Netherland For 2023 | Apply Here

All Qualified International Students are eligible to apply for scholarships to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Scholarships covering the costs of a Ph.D. Education are now accepting applications. Sciences, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Economics, Law, and the Humanities, to Name a Few, are Among the Many Available Fields of Study.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is home to Erasmus University, a public research university. In 2017, the Dutch institution was ranked 69th worldwide by Times Higher Education and 17th in the fields of business and economics by the Financial Times. Below, You’ll Find All The Information You Need About The Fully Funded Scholarships Offered By Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands:

A Detailed Guide to the Scholarships Available at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands:

  • Offered Degree: PhD Programs
  • Scholarship Award: Fully Funded
  • Host Organization: Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Host Country: Netherlands
  • Application Last Date: Open Now

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(01) Junior research project for a doctorate in eHealth:

Ph.D. position summary/title: Health junior project

A Ph.D. student’s role in the eHealth Junior partnership is to conduct research as part of the NWO’s (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) ‘Research on Routes through Consortia’ initiative. One million children with chronic illnesses will benefit from the eHealth junior project’s goal of developing a platform with high-quality apps. The apps seek to ensure that these children can lead fulfilling lives and develop normally despite their sickness by detecting and preventing psychological issues and promoting play behaviour.

Deadline: 16 June 2023

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(02) Openings for Doctoral Students in Decision Neuroscience:

Ph.D. position summary: Ph.D. position in Decision Neuroscience

The Erasmus Centre for Neuroeconomics is seeking a highly motivated Ph.D. candidate who is keen to study choice behaviour through neuroscientific methods (functional magnetic resonance imaging or electroencephalography). Aspirants aspire to be top-tier academic scholars, and many have degrees in fields like (cognitive) psychology, (cognitive) neuroscience, or (cognitive) economics. Creativity, initiative, and a love of science are required traits for success at our Centre, where students create and carry out projects in collaboration with their advisors.

Deadline: 26 May 2023

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(03) Fellowships for Doctoral Students:

Ph.D. position title: The impact of mHealth automated decision-making algorithms on public values (0,8 – 1,0 fte)

This research looks into the possibility that ADS-based mHealth apps could increase benefits while decreasing risks to public values. How can the benefits of ADS-based mHealth apps be maximised while the risks to public trust be kept to a minimum? This study examines the public’s perception of the benefits and risks associated with ADS-based mHealth apps.

It also aims to understand the human features like algorithm and data literacy as well as individual values or ideas that shape user perspectives. The project uses a transdisciplinary co-creative strategy, in which key stakeholders (including end-users, preventative practitioners, and policymakers) are integrated as co-researchers. The study also uses a mixed-method approach, combining quantitative research methods (such as a longitudinal survey) with qualitative methods (such as a participatory research project).

Deadline: 29 May 2023

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(04) Qualifications for a Ph.D. in the Sociology and Public Administration Department:

Ph.D. position summary/title: ERC-funded project in critical logistics and racial capitalism (2 x 1fte)

The shipping industry supports the global economy. Ships carry 90% of the world’s trade. Both the sector’s reach and its employees are extensive and varied across the globe. It’s fundamentally unfair since it’s been shaped by centuries of racism, colonialism, and sexism. As the shipping industry rapidly digitises its procedures, employees may soon find themselves in positions similar to those at highly digitised companies like Uber and Amazon. Digitization could make the workforce safer and more productive, but its benefits may be unevenly distributed, and technology poses a risk of streamlining extraction and racist capitalism.

Deadline: 4 June 2023

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What You Need to Do to Apply:

  • The academic credentials of the students must be top-notch.
  • Potential candidates should be in sound health.
  • Applicants should have completed both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
  • We welcome applications from students all across the world.

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Important Paperwork:

  • The Ultimate Degree Certificate Travel Document for Overseas College Graduates.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae that is brief.
  • A recent photo of passport size.
  • Proposal for Research
  • Two Character References
  • Medical records, research papers/publications, letters of invitation, etc.
  • Citizenship Documentation (Passport, ID Card)
  • A Prove-of-Language (if you like)
  • The intent statement or inspiring letter.
  • Strategy for Learning
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • A medical release form.

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