How to get scholarships to study at Koc University in Turkey.

Turkey is one of the top 10 places to study abroad. Apply for the Koc University Turkey Scholarship 2023, Fully Paid. Available to all international candidates from all countries one of Turkey’s top universities. Turkish cuisine, culture, and the well-known and fully funded Turkiye Burslari Scholarship are all well-known worldwide. Thousands of students from around the world travel to Turkey each year to study.

PhD and Masters Scholarships are available from Koc University. There are numerous research areas there. You can apply in the field of your choice. There is no application fee for applying for a scholarship at KOC University. Due to its high standard of instruction and popularity among students, the university was ranked first in Turkey and thirty-first in Asia.

Information About The 2023 Koc University Turkey Scholarship

  • Country: Türkiye
  • KOC University is the Host Institution.
  • Type: Fully Paid; Degree Level: Master’s/Ph.D.
  • Time limit: Permanently Open

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Profits from Scholarships

Koc University offers Fully Funded scholarships. The one who will be awarded and selected for a Koc University Scholarship will be awarded the following:

  • Waiver of all College Expenses
  • 2,000-4,000 Turkish Lira ($50-$100) per month in stipends
  • Housing on campus Medical coverage Doctoral student office space Electronics
  • Funding for trips and many more!

Explore New Territory

Around seventy of Koc University’s Graduate Programs are taught in English. This is a list of the available departments at Koc University.

Business School for Advanced Study:

  • Double Master’s in Management
  • Koç University’s Master of Business Administration
  • MBA with a focus on Finance from a Master’s Program
  • D. Business Administration Technology Master of Business Administration (MBA) from CEMS (CEMS MIM)

Graduate Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Professional Degrees in Design, Technology, and Society: Master’s, Doctoral, and Professional
  • Both a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Psychology
  • Master of Arts/Doctor of Philosophy in Economics/Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Psychology Historical and Social Analysis Comparisons
  • LLM in Art History and Archaeology, Master’s in Both Doctorate in Public Law / Master of Laws Degrees in International Relations, Political Science, and Private Law
  • History Sociology

Sciences and Engineering for Advanced Study:

  • MSc and Ph.D. Master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical and electronics engineering;
  • chemical and biological engineering.
  • Mathematics\sMSc Master’s and doctoral degrees are available in a wide variety of fields, including but not limited to: optoelectronic and photonic engineering,
  • Mechanical engineering, computational sciences and engineering,
  • Chemistry, biomedical sciences and engineering,
  • Computer science and engineering, industrial engineering and operations management,
  • Materials science and engineering,
  • Physics, and molecular biology and genetics.

The Health Professions Graduate Program:

  • Graduate Degree in Medical Microbiology
  • Graduate degrees in nursing, including Master’s and Doctoral (Turkish only)
  • Subspecialty D: Molecular and Cellular Medicine
  • Diploma in Medical Physiology
  • D. Assisted Suicide Treatment
  • D. Neurology
  • Reproductive Biology Master’s Degree

Important Paperwork

If you want to apply online for the 2023 Koc University Scholarship in Turkey, then please upload the following documents to the online application portal.

  • Resumé Revised (CV)
  • Mission Statement (SoP)
  • Grade point average and transcripts
  • Diplomas and Degrees
  • Recommendation Letters
  • The Results of an English Proficiency Test
  • Other forms of identification may also be required.

Conditions for Eligibility

  • The application is open to all foreign students.
  • Master’s degree scholarship applicants must already hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Doctoral candidates are expected to have earned at least a master’s degree.
  • Get the necessary proficiency in English.
  • Each division also establishes its own additional eligibility requirements.

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How to Get a Turkish Scholarship from Koc University in 2023.

We’ve included a website link down below where you may submit your scholarship application online. You can submit your application by visiting the linked official website. Choose between “Graduate” or “Undergraduate.”


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