New Zealand Farm Work Jobs: Free Visa Sponsorship Available in 2023

19,000 New Zealand Farm Work Opportunities in 2023: The Good News is that New Zealand has finally announced a “Seasonal Worker Program” for 2023. The NZ Seasonal Work programme is essentially a programme that allows you to travel to New Zealand on a Seasonal Work Visa and perform Farming Jobs such as Fruit Picking, Farm Work, Planting, Crop Maintenance, Harvesting, and Packing. You may visit New Zealand for a brief period of time. Anyone over the age of 18 may apply. (New Zealand Recognized Seasonal Employer Limited Visa, 2023).

Therefore, now is the appropriate time and opportunity to apply for Fram Working Jobs in New Zealand. You must first apply for a job, and only if you receive an offer will you apply for a Seasonal work visa. The processing time is swift, and you will receive a Visa response within nine days. The minimum hourly wage is Between $21 And $22 Per Hour. It is a short-term visa for unskilled workers. Below are additional details and the application procedure.

Specifics of Agricultural Labor Positions in New Zealand in 2023

  • Adults only need apply.
  • Quota: 19,000
  • Position Found in New Zealand
  • Name on Visa: (Recognized Seasonal Employer Limited Visa)

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Type of Work

Your work will be in our fruit and vegetable or wine industries doing jobs like:

  • Planting
  • Maintaining crops
  • Harvesting
  • Packing.
  • Fruit Picking and Packing
  • Vegetables Picking and Packing

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These photographs of fruit and vegetable picking and packing were taken by me during a trip to London.

Fruits and vegetables are seen being prepared for packing and then photographed in their final form.

Name of Visa:

Approved Temporary Worker Visa for Seasonal Employees.

  • While in possession of a Recognized Seasonal Employer Limited Visa, you will be ineligible to apply for any other type of visa.

Length of Stay

The length of time you can stay in New Zealand depends on when you enter the country. Make some dough while gaining expertise in agriculture and vineyards.

Required Documents for Visa

You’ll need to show some form of identification.

  • A valid government-issued picture ID (such as a passport) and two head-and-shoulders portraits

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  • You seem to be in excellent health.
  • You need to have impeccable morals. A Certificate of Good Character is Required.
  • You need a job offer in hand.
  • In that case, a Seasonal Work Visa application is in order.
  • Before the end of your visa, you must depart New Zealand.

How to Find and Apply for a Job

In light of this, the New Zealand government has compiled a list of seasonal employment providers who have been officially recognized and accredited (RSE). Apply for them and anticipate an offer letter.

Keep in mind that you must work at least 30 hours each week for a minimum wage of $22.10.

There are 191 legitimate seasonal businesses that are willing to sponsor temporary workers for their visas.

How to Apply for a New Zealand Recognized Seasonal Employer Limited Visa

New Zealand Immigration publishes and uploads all relevant data and information. Follow the instructions at the Official Link, which you can find here.


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