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Prepare for the 2024 KNB Indonesian Government Scholarship. A few days ago, word got out about one of the world’s most prestigious scholarship programs. Included in these Fully Funded Scholarships are over 1,500 Different Study Programs. Are you seeking anything else? This Indonesian Scholarship is partnered with 31 universities. Students at all levels of education, from Undergraduates to PhDs, are eligible to apply for the Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship.

Promoting greater cultural understanding and strengthening the link between developing nations is the major purpose of awarding this scholarship. With the establishment of the scholarship in September 1992, the 10th Conference of Heads of States of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) nations took place. We will help you pay for your fees and monthly expenditures.

Vision and Mission

  1. To contribute to the human resource development in the developing countries.
  2. To promote deeper cultural understanding and to strengthen the relationship between developing countries.
  3. To improve Indonesian higher education institutions’ research capacity as a part of the national strategies in increasing the number of world class universities in Indonesia.

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KNB Government Scholarship 2024

The Best Scholarship duration is determined by the duration of the academic program as indicated in the table below.

Program Maximum Duration
Indonesian Language Training Course and Preparatory Program 12 months
Bachelor’s Program 48 months
Master’s Program 24 months
PhD Program 48 months



  1. Download the KNB Scholarship Offering Letter from the KNB Scholarship website:
  2. Submit the Offering Letter, Official Passport, English Proficiency Test, (Applicant from non-English-Speaking Countries), Recommendation Letter from Indonesian Embassy, Recommendation from Employer/Immediate Supervisor, Academic Recommendation Letter from Previous Schools, Academic Certificates and Academic Transcripts from Previous Degree, Recommendation Letter from the potential research supervisor in one of the Universities providing partner of the KNB Scholarship (for Doctoral applicant only), Statement of purpose of their studies in Indonesia (for Doctoral applicant only) in website KNB Scholarship;
  3. Complete the online application process.
  4. Selection process.
  5. The Selection Results will be broadcasted online through the KNB Scholarship Website and officially announced through the Indonesian Embassy publication network.

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Pass the World Bank’s citizenship test and reside in a developing nation.
  2. Maintain a solid academic record with a 3.0 GPA or above.
  3. Demonstrate fluency in written and spoken English.
  4. Complete the prerequisites for your intended major at the school and major you’ve chosen.

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How To Apply?

The application procedure is conducted online and is uncomplicated. All documents must be submitted online.



In conclusion, the KNB Indonesian Government Scholarship 2024 is not just a financial aid program but a gateway to a transformative academic and cultural experience. Embrace the chance to contribute to global understanding and shape your future with this prestigious scholarship.

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  1. Dear professor.

    I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about the scholarship opportunities available for international students to study in Indonesia. I am a dedicated and ambitious student with a strong passion for Pharmacognosy, and I am eager to further my education in Indonesia.

    I have been researching the educational programs offered in Indonesia and I am particularly interested in joining your esteemed phytochemistry research group at the your research group as a graduate student.
    . I believe that studying in Indonesia will not only enhance my academic knowledge but also provide me with valuable cultural experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

    I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide regarding the application process for scholarships for international students in Indonesia. Additionally, any guidance or advice on how to strengthen my scholarship application would be highly beneficial.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to have the opportunity to pursue my studies in Indonesia.

    Warm regards,
    Yonus Sahil

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