How to get a Singapore Government Scholarship for the year 2023

GKS Government of South Korea Scholarship for 2023 We are attempting to broaden our search and locate the best opportunities for you on a global scale. And now is a great time for all international students to begin fantasising about studying in South Korea, as the Korean government has opened the doors to the Global Korean Scholarship Programme For The 2023 Session. Now, you can earn any degree from one of South Korea’s finest institutions.

South Korea anticipates the arrival of talented and bright students from all over the world who are committed to pursuing higher education and making a difference in the developing world. South Korea is extremely proactive in advancing its own nation. The purpose of this scholarship is to attract as many international students as possible so that they can establish relationships with students from other nations and promote their cultures.

Formerly known as the Korean Government Scholarship, the Global Korean Scholarship is awarded to students pursuing Master’s and Doctoral Degrees from over 145 Countries. It is a fully funded scholarship programme that aims to provide substantial benefits to the scholarship winner. In comparison to other countries, South Korea’s cost of living is low, making it a more affordable study destination.

If you are also interested in this opportunity and would like to move to Korea for educational purposes and explore the country’s technology and teaching methods, then apply immediately. Please read this article in its entirety for a more accurate understanding of the scholarship’s requirements and benefits.

GKS 2023 Scholarship from the Government of South Korea

  • Host nation South Korea
  • Awards: International Korean Cultural Exchange Scholarship
  • Scholarships with Sufficient Funding 1278 master’s or doctoral degrees were given out, with a possible end date of

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Benefits Galore for Korean Students in GKS 2023

Those lucky enough to be accepted into the GKS Scholarship and Study in Korea program will reap several rewards, including but not limited to the following:

  • The student will receive full reimbursement of tuition.
  • You should allocate KRW 1,000,000-1,500,000 monthly.
  • You will receive KRW 200,000 ($15,000) in relocation assistance.
  • A health insurance plan costing 20,000 Korean Won.
  • Research funding in the range of KRW 210,000 to KRW 240,000.
  • Return plane tickets.
  • Please assist with the cost of language training.
  • 500-800 thousand dollar price range for printing.
  • In addition to the tuition waiver, students will receive a Completion Grant.
  • In the form of a certificate recognizing Outstanding Fluency in Korean.

Disciplines of Study:

The fields of study that are eligible for sponsorship through the GKS scholarship program are extensive.

  1. Arts\sBusiness\sEngineering\sScience\sTechnology

Academic Requirements for the Study of Korea Abroad

In order to qualify for South Korea’s GKS program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • All students are expected to maintain a healthy level of physical and mental fitness.
  • Each GKS Scholarship candidate must keep their cumulative GPA over 80%.
  • If you are not a South Korean citizen, you are eligible.
  • Candidates must be legal residents of one of the NIIED’s top priority nations.
  • All applicants must be under the age of 40.
  • Those with a Bachelor’s degree can apply for scholarships to continue their education at the graduate level.
  • To be eligible for doctoral degree scholarships, you need to have have earned a Master’s degree.
  • Candidates who have enough time left to graduate and who want to will be considered, as would those who present a certificate of an expected guardian.

Application Deadline:

The GKS Global Korea Scholarship has different deadlines in different countries. If you want to know when the deadline is in your country, go on the official website we’ve supplied.

Find out what you need to do to qualify for the Global Korean Scholarship.

The Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) is unlike any other scholarship program out there. Scholarship application procedures can differ from one nation to the next. So, enter the region into the designated field to validate the operation.

Follow the official website for details and application: GKS Global Korea Scholarship Official Link.

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