Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2024 For International Students Fully Funed | Study in Germany

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany is renowned for its commitment to promoting social democracy, human rights, and international Students. For aspiring students seeking to pursue their academic ambitions in Germany, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship stands as a beacon of opportunity and support.

Established in 1925, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) has a rich history of advocating for social justice, democracy, and peace. Named after Germany’s first democratically elected president, Friedrich Ebert, the foundation continues his legacy by supporting talented individuals who embody the values of social democracy.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship is a prestigious and Fully Funded Opportunity for outstanding students to Pursue their Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies in Germany. This scholarship is not just about financial support; it is a recognition of a commitment to social justice, equality, and academic excellence.Must Check  University of Paris Saclay Master Scholarship 2024 For International Student Fully Funded |Study in France

Short Summary Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2024 For International Students 2024 :

  • Scholarship  Country Host: Germany
  • Organization: Friedrich Ebert Foundation
  • Host University: German Universities
  • Eligibility: International students
  • Degree Level: Bachelor & Master Degree programs
  • Total Scholarships: 40

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Prospective Students:

Individuals from any academic discipline are eligible to submit an application to study in Germany.

Available Study Fields

A wide range of academic fields available at Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships 2024 in Germany.

  • Social Science
  • Arts
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Life Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Computer & related
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Sports

Scholarship Benefits 

  • Tuition Fees: The scholarship covers full tuition fees for the duration of the program, relieving recipients of financial burdens associated with studying abroad.
  • Monthly Stipend: Recipients receive a generous monthly stipend to cover living expenses, accommodation, and other costs.
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance coverage is provided to ensure the well-being of scholarship holders during their stay in Germany.
  • Travel Allowance: A travel allowance is granted to assist with travel expenses to and from Germany at the beginning and end of the scholarship period.
  • Language Course: For non-German speakers, the scholarship includes a language course to facilitate integration into German academic and social life.
  • Networking Opportunities: Scholarship recipients have access to a vast network of alumni and professionals, opening doors to valuable connections and career opportunities.
  • Support Services: The Friedrich Ebert Foundation offers various support services, including academic counseling, mentoring, and cultural activities.

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 Documents Needed Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2024 For International Students 2024:

  • Identity proof
  • Educational documents/Certificates
  • Personal statement or motivational letter
  • Research plan or study plan (only for master students)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Language proficiency proof
  • Others if any

Application Deadline:

The deadlines for applying to the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship for the winter semester of 2024–2025 are November 30, 2024, and May 31, 2024, for the summer semester. Candidates for PhDs may apply at any moment. for further information regarding the deadline

How Do I Apply for 2024 Scholarships from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation?

Visit their website to submit an application for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship.
Before submitting their applications, students must to thoroughly consider the program for which they are seeking.
Make sure you fill out the application form with all the relevant fields.
Go to the official website to find out more about the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship.

Apply Link

Application Guidelines

Official Link


The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany is more than just a scholarship; it is an opportunity to become part of a vibrant community dedicated to social democracy, human rights, and academic excellence. We invite passionate and talented individuals from around the world to apply for this prestigious scholarship and embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth.

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