Department of Transport 2024-2026 Internship Programme for South Africans Student

The Department of Transport is delighted to declare the commencement of its 2024-2026 Internship Programme, which is specifically designed for students from South Africa. The primary objective of this all-encompassing program is to furnish students with incalculable prospects to acquire hands-on experience, cultivate critical proficiencies, and make contributions to the trajectory of transportation in South Africa,Aslo check : African Union (AU) Internship Program 2024 For African Students | Fully Funded

In regard to the D. Transport

The Department of Transport is dedicated to ensuring that all South African transportation systems are secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly. We supervise numerous sectors, including road infrastructure, public transportation, maritime, aviation, and rail, with an emphasis on innovation and excellence. Our objective is to consistently enhance conveyance services while promoting industry expansion and development.

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Why Choose the Internship Program of the Department of Transport?

1. Practical Experience
Through our apprenticeship program, we provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience working alongside seasoned professionals in the transportation industry. By means of actual experience, interns will acquire pragmatic understandings of the intricacies inherent in the field, thereby equipping themselves for forthcoming professional achievements.

2. Skill Enhancement
Interns will be granted access to a variety of skill-development training opportunities throughout the duration of the program. Interns will gain significant qualifications in policy development and project administration, both of which are in high demand within the transportation industry.

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3. Networking Prospects
Interns will have the opportunity to network with government officials, industry professionals, and other interns. Engaging in this networking environment provides opportunities for potential mentorship, project collaboration, and future employment opportunities within the Department of Transport.

4. Contribution to the Development of the Nation
Through active engagement in our apprenticeship program, students will exert a significant influence on the trajectory of transportation in South Africa. Interns will significantly influence the transportation landscape of the nation through their contributions to innovative initiatives, research endeavors, and the development of sustainable policies.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the subsequent requirements in order to qualify for the 2024-2026 Internship Programme of the Department of Transport:

  • Acquire South African citizenship
  • Enroll in an officially recognized tertiary institution.
  • Exhibit a fervent enthusiasm for the transportation sector.
  • Demonstrate proficient communication and analytical abilities
  • Procedure for Application 1. Online Application
  • Applicants who are interested may submit their applications via our official website. Applicants


The Department of Transport’s 2024-2026 Internship Programme is a gateway to a promising career in the transportation industry. Through hands-on experience, skill development, and networking opportunities, interns will be well-equipped to contribute to the advancement of transportation systems in South Africa.

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