USAID Youth Digital Leadership Program 2023 (Fully Funded)

The Youth Digital Leadership Program of USAID in 2023 Are you concerned about a person’s acquiring the best ethical obligations in today’s technologically advanced world? Then you may want to consider applying to the USAID International Youth Digital Leadership Council in 2022. The objective is to educate the youth of the entire world about the proper and improper use of technology. This class is highly intriguing and will assist you in dealing with daily online concerns.

The USAID International Youth Digital Leadership Council will educate the youth and young leaders of the world on the safety, norms, and ethics of digital platforms. You must participate in this leadership programme if you wish to recognise digital harm and learn how to counteract the negative influence of technology.

Members of the youth council will be taught to participate in advising, informing, and contributing to USAID’s efforts to protect adolescents from digital damage. The eleven-month duration of the USAID International Youth Digital Leadership Council will be punctuated by monthly meetings.

The International Youth Digital Leadership Program is funded by USAID and supported by YouthPower2 (Learning and Evaluation YP2LE). To know more about the program, please read the following details below.

USAID Youth Digital Leadership Program 2023 Details

  • Country: Multiple
  • Program: USAID International Youth Digital Leadership Council
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Category: Leadership Program
  • Duration: 11 months
  • Deadline15th December 2022.

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Program Benefits

The program will provide many benefits to the Youth of the community. Such as;

  • You will be paid a one-time $300 stipend to compensate for your Internet costs for Council meetings.
  • Once you have completed the program, you will be granted a $700 honorarium on the successful completion of the Leadership Program.
  • You will develop skills to cope with the harms of the Digital world.
  • This will greatly impact your CV/Resume and make it look more impressive.
  • You will be more focused on your career.
  • The program will also make you competent enough to help other Youth groups.
  • The USAID International Youth Digital Leadership Program will show you how to deal with the cyber and digital issues of the world.

Responsibilities of the Members.

  • You will have to take part in virtual meetings on key topics of discussion for young leaders and USAID for up to 11 months.
  • You will need to respond to all emails and communication on time.
  • You will have to select and pursue a sub-theme project and participate in either group or make your own singular project and address the specific areas or issues of interest.
  • You will be asked to represent your project at the end of the session.
  • Members will have to make a social media awareness campaign for their region.
  • Candidates need to be an active member of the International Youth Digital Leadership Program.

Eligibility Criteria:

Based on the objectives of the Digital Youth Council, you are expected to comply with the following criteria;

  • The age of the members should be between 16-24 years.
  • The participants must have promoted or taken part in digital literacy at the national, local, or international level.
  • The participants must have a good understanding of the harm of Digital platforms and the Internet.
  • The participants must have a good and large peer network so that they can spread awareness among other Youth groups.
  • The participants must be good in written and spoken English.
  • The participants must be able to engage regularly in Council meetings using Internet platforms such as; Zoom, Hangout, Microsoft Teams etc.
  • The application is not open to the citizens of the UK, US or EU.

Selection Criteria.

  • Once you submit the application form for the USAID International Youth Digital Leadership Council program, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • You will be contacted by a team member of the Digital Youth Council by the first week of January 2023.
  • Selected candidates will receive notification from the DYC by 4th February 2023.
  • If there are any changes in the timeline or review, you will be notified by the YouthLead team

To apply, visit the official link given below:

Apply for USAID International Youth Digital Leadership Council 2023


The post was about the USAID International Youth Digital Leadership program; all candidates who are interested in this fully funded USAID program are encouraged to submit applications before the due date.

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