UNHCR Internship Program 2022 | Fully Funded

Everyone, welcome! Aimed at this internship program in 2020, you need to be prepared. They will play an important role in the United Nations’ task to assist civilization. International High-Quality Mentors will be available to you through this opportunity. Eligible are students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any academic field. There is neither an IELTS/TOEFL prerequisite nor a registration fee.

The period of this internship is six months. You’ll be able to use the passion and skills you’ve gained in this course to help you in the future. For more than a century, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has worked tirelessly to protect the claims of immigrants around the world. Qualified researchers will assist interns in completing assigned tasks and community service projects. Working together to find the best solution is the goal of the UNHCR.

Inmates will be housed at Geneva’s UNHCR headquarters and can be relocated to any of the UNHCR’s regional offices around the world. Depending on the student’s interests and prior academic experience, they will be assigned a specific project. As an intern with UNHCR, you will get international experience that will aid you in your future career development. There are more UNHCR offices and programs around the world.

Details of the 2022 UNHCR Internship Program

The UN High Commissioner for Migrants serves as the institution.

  • Geneva, as well as regional and national offices
  • Time Frame: Two to Six Months
  • Deadline; 21 December 2021 & 4 January 2022

Internships at the UN High Commissioner for Migrants

What we are looking for in an intern is a person like you who has the ability to add new ideas, knowledge, and innovative thinking to the UNHCR’s ability to serve people of concern. It is the mission of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to save lives, preserve rights, and build better futures for refugees. UNHCR internships last for six months.

Applicants of any academic standing may apply. Full-time internships are the norm, but part-time internships can be arranged if the work necessitates it. When it comes to the exact working hours, it is best to negotiate them with the supervisor.

Internship Opportunities

There is a list of all Geneva-based internships here.

  1. Internship in Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion. The internship will end on December. This sale will end on December.
  2. Internships are usually advertised on the websites of the regional and country offices themselves.
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark, Human Resources Intern Date of expiration: January 4, 2022
  4. Assistant to the Director of Investigations. The deadline for submissions is January 4, 2022.
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark, The deadline for submissions is December 26, 2021.
  6. The following positions are exclusively open to candidates fluent in French.
  7. Intern in external relations Nouakchott, Mauritius. the sixteenth day of December 2021;

Internships with the UN High Commissioner for Migrants have numerous advantages.

  1. There will be a stipend for food and transportation for the chosen interns.
  2. Experiential learning opportunities await those who serve as interns.
  3. Inexperienced interns will benefit from this experience.
  4. The internship gives you the opportunity to meet and work with significant people.
  5. Make a path to higher employment.
  6. In addition, the KAUST Scholarship in Saudi Arabia in 2022 | Fully funded

Conditions for qualification

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be considered for an internship:

  1. All recent grads are eligible for the program, regardless of their age.
  2. Students currently enrolled in a university’s graduate school programs are eligible.
  3. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline is required for this role.
  4. It is open to everyone, regardless of nationality.
  5. Is there any work experience needed?
  6. Fluency in spoken English is required.

In order to use

Applicants can apply online. Ensure that all documents are uploaded to the portal. Due to the large number of applicants, the UN High Commissioner for Migrants will only notify those who have been accepted. T o Apply please visit the Official Link to UNHCR Internship Program 2022.

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