Top 8 Educational Tools and Resources for Students

There are millions of internet resources that facilitate educational work, but the question is how to locate them. Your tools might be shortlisted based on your needs or specifications. You must identify the prerequisites before selecting the appropriate tools. As we all know, many jobs in the field of education can be laborious when performed manually, but can be performed with relative ease with the use of tools. We do have the best tools, but the vast majority of them are paid, making it difficult for students to afford them at this moment.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top educational tools and resources for students, although everyone can profit from them. Therefore, let us clarify these tools and explore them in depth to make Things Easy For Pupils.

1. Antiderivative calculator

If you want to check the integrals and anti-derivatives then you can surely use this calculator and the good thing is it is free of cost. You can go for either a conventional calculator or to use an online calculator but you need to understand which can be more suitable for you according to the situation.

Like if you want to get the complete steps involved in the calculation then you can use the online one but if you don’t want to do this then you can go for a conventional calculator. And the most important thing is sometimes using smart devices is not allowed so, it can be difficult to use this calculator.

2. GCF calculator

GCF stands for the greatest common factor and this calculator is used to find GCF, there are several methods. The interface of the GCF calculator is very simple and easy to use so everyone can easily access and use this calculator.

We can find GCF by the following methods which are the list of factors, prime factorization, division step method, Euclidean method, binary algorithm, and upside-down ladder. You can get the answer by entering the value in the input box, separate by commas, and then selecting a method in the list and clicking on calculate button.

3. Derivative calculator

These types of calculators are mostly used in calculus but keep in mind that these calculators are really important. The need for this calculator is because differentiation is somehow very difficult for many people and they need to use a calculator.

While using the differentiation calculator, we can see two input boxes and one operation’s bar so, we need to enter the value to differentiate. After entering the value, you need to select any operator in which addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and some more operations are included.

Now, you are all set to get the results and the results will surely be accurate and authentic, you can simply copy the answer and steps involved in the solution.

4. HCF and LCM calculator

To better understand the working of this calculator, you need to be known about what is the highest common factor and least common multiple.

First of all, HCF stands for the highest common factor and it refers to a figure that can easily divide all numbers and it is quite obvious by the name.

Now let’s get to know about the LCM, it stands for the least common factor and we can say that it is an integer that can be divisible by all numbers.

We have to input the values in the given input field and press on calculate, you’ll get accurate answers.

But keep in mind that you need to separate the values by using commas so that they can be easily understandable by the server.

We have two output fields that will show us the both highest common factor and the least common multiple.

5. Standard form calculator

If you want to convert your value to scientific notation, real number, e-notation, and engineering notation then this calculator can be used.

The interface of this calculator is user-friendly and very easy so, everyone can access and get accurate answers.

You need to simply add a value that you want to convert and press the convert button and you are all ready to go.

We also have a button for a reset which is quite common in every calculator and you need this button if you entered some wrong value on the input field.

6. Sig Fig calculator

Two things are important for using a sig fig calculator; one is the number and the second is the round value. When you are going to use this calculator, you can see there is an input box and the other thing is the scroll bar that is used to select the round value.

We also have some services provided by the sig fig calculator and these services are: it provides total significant figures, the total number of decimals, e-notation, and scientific notations. And you need to be very clear about which values are significant and which are non-significant and there are some facts available about them.

7. Critical value calculator

When you’re going to use the critical value calculator, you can see two types of critical values that are T-value and Z-value. To calculate the T-critical value, you need to give two inputs to calculate your value and these two values are significance level and degree of freedom.

But when it comes to the Z-value, you need to give only one value that is a significant level and you’re all set to get your results. You can also use formulas to get your answer manually because sometimes, calculators are not allowed so, you must know how to calculate manually.

8. Limit calculator

As we all know that finding or calculating a limit can be a difficult task if you do it manually but with the help of calculators, it is something very easy. The best thing about using calculators is you can get the complete steps that are involved in the solution so, your hectic task will surely become easier.

You can easily find out the one-sided as well as two-sided limits using this calculator including the right and left-hand sides. We can use this calculator mostly in calculus and mathematics but we can say that the results will be accurate and according to your requirement.

Bottom line

As we mentioned above there are millions of tools online and offline but you need to know about your requirements first. It is not wrong if we say that these educational tools can easily minimize your effort and surely save your time.

In some scenarios, it is necessary to use these calculators but sometimes, you can calculate your values manually. We have shared the top 8 best educational tools that will surely help you out in making your assignments, preparing for your exams, and in many more situations.

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