Malta Work Visa Types 2023 | Application Process (Explained)

Types of Malta Work Visas for 2023: This article describes the application procedures for the Malta Work Visa and Work Permit for 2023. If you wish to clear up any confusion, you must read this post in its entirety. This post will explain which visa is appropriate for you and how long your stay in Malta will be valid with each visa type.

Malta is a small but beautiful and contemporary European nation. Consider that you are interested in witnessing the market and economics of Malta and wish to travel there for professional reasons. As in any other country, you will need a work permit and a work visa in this instance. The Malta Work Visa and Work Permit will also allow you to enter the country for the purpose of modifying your career options and route.

To learn more about the requirements and conditions for a work visa and work permit for Malta, you must read the entire article. This page will answer all of your questions about the Application Process in Malta and describe the various types of work visas. These questions include:

Do I need a Work Visa for Malta?

All those international candidates who don’t belong to EEA/EU countries must require a work visa and work Permit to enter Malta.

If you belong to EU/EEA countries and are a Swiss citizen, then you are exempted from a work visa for Malta. Rather you will need to register with the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs after three months of arriving in Malta.

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Malta Work Visa Types 2023

Let’s discuss, what are the types of Malta Work Visa. There are the following types of work visas;

  • Single Permit
  • Key Employment Initiative
  • EU Blue Card

The Government of Maltese issues these work visas.

#1. Key Employee initiative.

It is a newly launched visa by the Maltese government, given to highly skilled workers who want to work in Malta. The processing time of a Key Employee initiative visa is much faster than the other visas. It takes five days to process. To get your hands on this type of visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria;

  • It would help if you were qualified and experienced to perform a certain job.
  • Your annual salary should be €30,000
  • You must contain copies of documents from your previous work experience.

#2. Single Permit 

A single permit is a visa given to those international candidates who get an offer from any company or employer in Malta. This visa will allow you to work for a long-term job. You will need to submit an application form for the Single Permit, and if you are residing abroad, then your employer will be responsible for applying on your behalf. The processing time for the Single Permit of Malta is two to three months.

#3. EU Blue Card. 

The EU Blue Card visa is for highly skilled professionals who earn more than 1.5 times the average gross salary in Malta. This visa allows the workers to work in a suitable position for up to one year. You can apply for the Indefinite renewal of the Permit.

Requirements for Malta Work Visa 2023.

The following documents are necessary for the Malta Work Visa application process, such as;

  • Valid passport
  • Work Visa application form.
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • A work contract
  • Updated CV
  • Medical insurance
  • Proof of Air flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation

Your consulate or embassy may ask you for some additional documents.

Application Process for Malta Work 2023.

The following steps will make the application process for Malta Work Visa easier for you;

  • Collect all the required documents mentioned above.
  • Apply for the Malta National visa for employment at your country’s Malta embassy.
  • You will be issued an interim receipt card by the Malta embassy, allowing you to enter the country.
  • Once you enter Malta, you must apply for the Single Permit Visa and submit an application fee of €280.50.
  • After that, your employer is responsible for applying for the work permit on your behalf. It is also called an employment licence issued by the Job plus website.
  • After this process, you will wait for the response. Once your work permit is approved, you will be given a Malta residence card allowing you to stay and work in Malta legally.

Can I Apply for Malta Work Visa from Abroad?

No, you cannot apply for Malta Work Visa from abroad. You will need to be physically present to apply for the work visa; otherwise, your employer can apply on your behalf. The application must be submitted to IMA (Identity Malta Agency). After approval, the agency will send you an invitation letter to enter Malta within 60 days. The letter will contain all the information.

Application Process Time

The processing time of application for a Malta Work Visa is 5 to 15 working days.

Application Fees of Malta Work Visa.

The application fee for Malta Work Visas are as follows;

  • Single Permit – €280.50
  • Employment Licence – €150
  • Application for employment licence – €50
  • EU Blue Card – €140
  • Type D (National visa) – €100

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 Final Words

All foreigners looking for information regarding the Malta Work Visa are encouraged to go through this post, as we have mentioned all the details and requirements regarding the Maltese Work Visa. We hope the information will be helpful for you people.

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