France Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Details (Explained)

France Work Visa Process 2023 – France is one of the world’s oldest countries as well as one of the most popular and modern ones. Therefore, it is impossible to travel to France without a work visa or visa if you are drawn to the country. As a result, we have published this essay to assist you in reaching your location without difficulty.

For employment-related travel to France, you will need a France Work Visa. We will walk you through the process and educate you of all the specifics and requirements for a French work visa.

The France Work Visa permits you to remain in the country and engage in paid work. According to job and employment needs and requirements, these visas are further subdivided into distinct types. Please continue reading the article to learn more about the Categories and specifics.

France Work Visa Process 2023 Details

  • Country: France
  • Eligible Countries: International Applicants
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Types of France Work Visa 

Following are the types of France Work Visas, which differentiate each visa from others according to the nature of the work. For instance;

#1. France Work Visa for Creating and running a business or company. 

Those candidates who want to start a business or be in partnership with other companies will require a France Work Visa to create and run a business or company. Applicants may be asked to submit additional documents and financial proofs of creating a business.

#2. France Long Stay Sports Visa.

The France Long Stay Sports Visa is for those candidates who want to perform or engage in sports activities. If you are receiving a salary for the activity you are involved in, you will need to apply as a “salaried employee.” And if you are not being paid for the engaged activity, you will apply as a “visitor.”

#3. France Work Visa for Professionals and Independent workers. 

All professionals and independents must have this type of France Work Visa. To be eligible to apply for the visa, you will need authorization from a relevant professional body. Whereas the professions, such as; bailiffs, notaries, general insurance agents, and judicial administrators, are not authorized to the Non-EU Nationals. So, before applying for any profession, you will need to make sure whether you are eligible for the profession or not.

#4. France International Organization Work visa. 

All those candidates who want to take an official assignment in France with other international organizations must apply for the France International Organization work visa.

#5. Salaried Employees Work Visa for France. 

This type of France Work Visa is for those who want to stay for up to one year. If you like this work visa, you must present a work contract authorized by the DIRECCTE.

#6. France Long Stay Visa for Volunteer work. 

If you are traveling to France based on humanitarian work, you will apply for the France Long Stay Visa for volunteer work, allowing you to stay for up to one year and more than three months.

How to Apply for France Work Visa?

You will need to follow certain steps if you want to apply for a France Work Visa in 2023. For instance;

  • Make sure if you’re going to apply for a France Work Visa, you will need a work permit before applying.
  • Decide which type of work visa is suitable for your work and needs.
  • Complete the file of required documents (listed below).
  • Book the appointment. In some countries, you can also attend the meeting online; in others, you will need to visit the embassy or consulate.
  • Pay all the deeds and visa fees for France Work Visa.
  • Attend the interview call.

Required Documents 

  • Application form for France Work Visa.
  • Two photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of financial resources, including; recent bank statements, a contract stating your salary, rented property income, retirement benefit plan, letter of declaration
  • Clean criminal records certificates
  • Proof of France Work Visa fee.

Cost of France Work Visa 2023.

Candidates need to pay the Visa fee on the day of the interview and save the receipt with you, which they will later need to present to the consulate officer.

The visa fee is €99.

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Final Words

Candidates who are looking for Work Visa details regarding France can read out this post; as we have mentioned all the points in this post, this post will make you understand the work visa process in France completely.

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