Facebooks Business Solutions Accelerator Program 2021

Do you support merchants with solutions like customer data platforms,service and creative apps or system integrations?

If yes, this 12-week virtual program can provide your team with technical support and product education across Facebook tools like Conversions API, Facebook Business Extension (FBE) 2.0 and Business Apps.
You can learn more about these products and platforms,and how these solutions can accelerate business growth, below.

Participating startups can also expect to build their professional networks with fellow third-party providers, learn more about Facebook’s own product roadmaps, and benefit from insider perspectives on the latest trends and technologies.

Through the accelerator, we’re looking forward to nurturing and collaborating with technology partners that share our commitment to improving the merchant experience for businesses across the Facebook family of apps.

Startups we are looking for:


Supporting businesses and their customers with appointment booking, reservations, or food ordering solutions


Expanding creative production capacity of businesses with video/image creation and editing solutions, automated copywriting and contents packs, etc.


Reinforcing businesses with a broader spectrum of automations such as workflow automation

What business solutions will be covered?


Today, there’s a demand for greater data privacy, and the ecosystem is rapidly evolving in an effort to meet those expectations. A key development is web browsers beginning to implement changes that will significantly alter websites’ ability to share data in the very near future.

Conversions API is a Facebook Business Tool that helps businesses stay ahead of these shifts by sharing key web and offline events, or customer actions, directly from their server to Facebook’s. Conversions API doesn’t use cookies, so web browser settings don’t impact the ability to send data from customers that have already provided all necessary consents (if any).

With Conversions API, businesses can continue driving the outcomes they care about using information they control, all while helping to protect their customer’s data and maximizing performance of their Facebook advertising. (Learn more)


Facebook Business Extension is a solution which helps you simplify the process of enabling Facebook tools for businesses using your platform.

By integrating with Facebook Business Extension, you can unlock a broad suite of Facebook business tools for your customers across multiple verticals including eCommerce, services and creative — experiences such as Facebook Shops, Dynamic Ads, and other business tools available across the Facebook family of apps.

Facebook Business Extension makes it easy for businesses to list products and offer service appointments on Facebook and Instagram, find people likely to buy and book, and measure results. (Learn more)


The new Business Apps interface with-in Facebook Business Suite provides an all in one solution for businesses to discover your platform and start their integration without leaving Facebook.

By integrating with Business Apps, you can help get your business customers set up for success and
drive measurable results.

Key dates :

Until June 24, 2021 (midnight BST)

Apply now! Applications are evaluated
and selected on an ongoing basis, so we
strongly recommend applying early

July 2021

Setting goals with the selected startups and matching them with the most relevant Facebook experts

August 2021 – October 2021

12-week content and mentorship program

*Details will be shared with the selected applicants

For More Information :

Visit The Official Pageweb of  the Facebooks Business Solutions Accelerator Program 2021

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