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Bachelor Scholarships in 2023: Today, all high school students who wish to pursue bachelor’s degree programmes have an option. If you’re undecided about your professional path, this article may help you decide between some excellent scholarships for undergraduate studies. The undergraduate degree scholarships listed in this article are available for application. You will not need to scour the internet for scholarships because we have covered all the amazing possibilities.

Numerous Governments And Private Universities Worldwide Are Accepting Applications For the 2023 Term. You can select the one that best suits you. In the following year, these universities want to invest thousands of dollars in the betterment of their students’ futures.

In addition, the scholarships will provide you with other advantages. We have selected only a handful of the numerous chances available, but these are the best. For more information on Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships 2023, please read the entire article.

Bachelors Degree Scholarships 2023 Details

  • Country: Multiple Countries
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Category: Scholarships
  • Degree level: Bachelor’s Degree programs
  • Deadline: Varies

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To make it easier for you, we have listed a few of the many Scholarship opportunities for all international candidates out there. Including;

#1. Turkey Burslari Undergraduate Scholarships. 

These scholarships are known as Turkey Government Scholarships and are the most prestigious scholarship programs. The Turkey Burslari Undergraduate Scholarships offers the following benefits the program;

  • Full Tuition Fees
  • Monthly Stipends worth 700 Turkish Lira.
  • Residential allowance
  • Free Healthcare
  • Flight Tickets to and from your country
  • Free Turkish language course of 1-year duration.

#2. German Undergraduate Scholarships

The German DAAD Scholarships are the most reputable and generous scholarship programs for all international candidates who want to attain practical and theoretical knowledge of the world. They offer the following benefits with the program, such as;

  • Free Healthcare
  • Costs for academic purposes
  • Travel allowance
  • Accidental insurance
  • Accommodation allowance
  • Rent subsidy
  • Monthly Stipends etc.

#3. Chinese Undergraduate Scholarships

The Government of China establishes the Chinese CSC Scholarship program to build healthy relations with foreign countries. Its a Fully funded scholarship which is categorized into three types, such as; type A, Type B, and Type C. All these types of Scholarships provide different benefits; type A includes the following benefits;

  • Full Tuition Fee waiver
  • Accommodation
  • Basic health insurance
  • Monthly Stipends worth CNY 2500 RMB.

While type B does not support accommodation, type C is a partially funded scholarship program.

#4. KAIST Undergraduate Scholarships. 

The government of South Korea is taking initiatives in building the educational sector of its country by giving many Scholarship opportunities to all international candidates. These scholarships come with great benefits, including;

  • Full Tuition Fees waiver
  • Living allowance of KRW 350,000 per month.
  • Local transportation cost Coverage
  • And free health care.

#5. Turkey Success Scholarships

These scholarships are different from the previous one. These scholarships are for students already studying at Turkish Universities and performing very well in their studies, so they get a chance to achieve Turkey Success Scholarships. The following benefits are included in this program.

  • Tuition fee coverage
  • Residential allowance
  • Monthly Stipends worth 450 Turkish lire.
  • Free medical care
  • Turkish language courses
  • Flight Tickets

#6. Australia Undergraduate Scholarships. 

The Australian Award Scholarships are hard to get but come with many great benefits for the students. These benefits include;

  • Full Tuition Fees Coverage
  • Round Airfare tickets to and from your country
  • One-time establishment allowance for your books, accommodation, and study materials.
  • Additional academic support.
  • Expenses for Introductory Academic Program (IAP)
  • Costs for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Costs for Pre-Course English Exam (PCE)

#7. Maastricht University SBE International School Scholarships.

The School of Business and Economics offers Scholarships at Maastricht University for students who want to achieve a bachelor’s degree program. The following benefits are also provided with the scholarship program;

  • Fee waiver
  • A one-time allowance of €900
  • Health care allowance of €500
  • Visa costs
  • Return ticket expenses.

#8. Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarships. 

The WMI Scholarships are for students from underdeveloped or developing countries who need support for their educational careers. They provide the following benefits with the Wells Mountain Scholarships;

  • Full Tuition Fees Coverage
  • Free books
  • Free study material
  • Other related costs.

#9. MEXT Japan Undergraduate Scholarships

MEXT is an acronym for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. All international candidates can apply to any of the universities in Japan. These scholarships come with the following great benefits;

  • Full Tuition Fee coverage
  • Funded exam entrance
  • Monthly Stipends worth ¥117,000 with an additional ¥2,000 to ¥3,000 per year for regional allowance.
  • Costs of local transportation
  • Airfare Tickets to and from your country.

#10. Hungary Undergraduate Scholarships. 

The Hungary Government Scholarships are new in the race of many other scholarship programs but still attracting students from all over the world. You can get the following benefits with these scholarships;

  • Fully Funded tuition fee
  • Monthly Stipends of HUF 43,200
  • Free dormitory accommodation or allowance for the accommodation worth HUF 40,000.
  • Medical insurance
  • And medical Stipends of up to HUF 65,000.

#11. UST Korea Scholarships.

As I mentioned earlier, Korea is taking a great position in the race of developing countries and, therefore, has taken many great steps to improve its educational system. The UST Korea Scholarships is a great opportunity for international students to achieve Bachelor’s degree programs. They provide benefits, including;

  • Monthly Stipends
  • Full Coverage of tuition fee
  • And additional expenses related to education.

#12. YALE University Undergraduate Scholarships. 

Yale University is one of the top universities in the whole world. Everyone dreams of joining the University, but unfortunately, it’s quite expensive. But you still apply for Yale University Undergraduate Scholarships, which offer many benefits, including;

  • In-campus residence
  • Full Tuition Fees Coverage
  • Health Insurance
  • Local transportation cost


In this post, we have discussed some important Undergraduate scholarships for international students that one should not miss. Students looking for Undergrad scholarship programs must go through this post and check the scholarships.

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